General regulations:

All children starting at the age of 2 ½ are eligible of joining our “Spielgruppe”.

Our “Spielgruppe” is the ideal place to gain experiences in a group of children. It’s important to find your place in a group, to keep up your social contacts, to make new friends or learn how to deal with conflicts and arguments.


Our offer:

“Spielgruppe Dinne” (Indoors)

According to the different seasons, we’ll be singing, playing, tinkering or even gardening in our very own garden together. We’re here to help your children to experience and to be aware of the seasons’ circle.


Laughing, making noise, letting off steam, building, singing, dancing, listening to stories, having fun, drawing, making friends and just being happy altogether…


“Combo-Experience Group”

The so called “Combo- Experience Group” offers your children the possibility to alternately visit the playgroup “Indoors” and the week after the “Experience Group”.


There are always the same children and leaders each week.


Some examples of our experiences are: visiting the firefighters, fun- and playtime at the “Ludothek”, practice of coordinative and motor skills in a gym, riding a horse, excursions to various big playgrounds, etc.


The “Combo- Experience Group” takes place every Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday morning.


On which day and how often your child would like to join our “Spielgruppe” is up to you. If you wish more than 3 visits per week please contact us beforehand.



Apart from the beginning of the “Spielgruppe” in late August, our holidays go by the cantonal school holidays. Special changes of our opening hours will be communicated early.



The registration form can be found on our homepage or can be handed out directly in our “Spielgruppe”. The place in our “Spielgruppe” cannot be guaranteed until you’ve received a confirmation. The registration is designated for one school year and it has to be renewed each year. If there are free places, it is possible to join whenever you want. Children who were already registered once in our “Spielgruppe” do have priority in case of a (re-)registration for the following year.


Rates for the Spielgruppe

Once a week Fr. 120.-/month per child

Twice a week Fr. 230.-/month per child

Three times a week Fr. 340.-/month per child

Four times a week Fr. 450.-/month per child

Five times a week Fr. 560.-/month per child

Those rates are also valid for several children (e.g. for siblings or twins).


Altogether, 10 months, September – June, have to be paid per “Spielgruppe” year. The invoice will be handed out monthly. If you are absent because of holidays or get ill during the “Spielgruppe” year, the “Spielgruppe” rates still must be paid. If you move away, the first month will be charged.



Please dress your child suitable for everyday use and play compatible. Despite wearing the Tröpfli painting apron, for example, color stains on clothes cannot be ruled out.

For playing outdoors, please dress your child according to the weather or take them along.



The children are not insured by the “Spielgruppe”. Liability and accident insurance of the child are in responsibility of the parents.



For forgotten, lost or stolen items, the “Spielgruppe Tröpfli” rejects any liability.



The “Spielgruppe Tröpfli” reserves the right to exclude children from visiting all or individual “Spielgruppe” days in case of urgent reasons. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of the already paid parental contribution